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MevoPlus stand (with plastic handles)

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SUPPORTS Flightscope's Mevo + launch monitor.
PROTECTED the Mevo + possible ball returns on a simulator equipped with an impact screen.
ADJUSTS the device to the degrees requested by the various applications.


  • Three adjustment rods up to 2-1/2'' high;
  • Plexiglass with sanded edges and rounded corners easy to remove;
  • Three positions already set (18-12-10 degrees);
  • Possibility of fixing the Mevo + on the support for transport.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alec Braithwaite

Great to deal with and awesome product .

Jeff Dicks
Updated Mevo Plus Feedback

My initial feedback was incorrect as it was pointed out I needed to remove the protective film from the plexiglass/ Oops on my pat Sylvain reached out promptly and pointed that fact out / All good device works as intended

Amy G.
It's ok, but there are a few issues

My first issue is that I have noticed an increase in missed shots, I don't know for sure but it definitely started happening when I put the Mevo in the unit. Second, none of the slots in the unit do not correspond to the 12 degrees used for simulation use, so I have to do that manually with the screws - which means that the Mevo is not actually sitting flat on the ground. I paid an extra few bucks for express shipping, only to be told that there was a delay in production so I'd have to wait a couple weeks past when the Etsy site said I'd get the product. I knew I was taking a bit of a risk when I purchased it, and I suppose it's still nice to have some protection in front. My biggest issue by far is that I have used it twice, and both times, the number of missed shots increased substantially even though the placement and angle were identical to my normal setup.